Like any other business, plumbing has its share of challenges. One of the main problems is marketing. Plumbers typically need help developing new strategies and ideas for promoting their plumbing business. As such, they give up on it altogether and focus only on pleasing their customers.

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However, you should consider promoting your business as a plumber. Contrary to popular belief, there are many ways through which you can make the world see and know you. The best part is that these strategies are not so over-the-top.

Asking yourself what is the best way to market your plumbing business is a great starting point. If you’re serious about learning plumbing marketing plans to make your business skyrocket, these 20 plumber marketing ideas, tips, and strategies that work are just what you need.

1. Create a Website. Now is The Time!
We live in a great changing technological world. Only businesses or organizations can capitalize on the internet to advance their company. Creating a professional-looking website is a good strategy for enhancing visibility among those who need your service the most. The benefit of this is that it will make you come across to them as being more reliable. Please make sure your website is straightforward and organized so that customers can quickly access all the info they need at their fingertips.

2. SEO is Key
It is one thing to build a plumbing website and another to optimize it for search engines. Local SEO is critical for advertising your business if operating in a single location. Many people make the mistake of associating SEO with keywords alone. This is not true. This concept is quite technical, so you should hire a Search Engine Optimization expert to help you with your website.

3. Make the Best of Social Media
Make your business accessible on social media; customers will find you quickly. Set up a professional Facebook page for your plumbing business. This will set you apart from the rest of the crowd and increase your reliability in people’s eyes. YouTube and Twitter will also prove helpful, as well. These platforms have conversation-friendly characteristics; you’ll reach many people through them.

4. List Your Business Online
Listing your business online and on local directories can give your plumbing business a slight boost in recognition. From Yelp and Angie’s List to Better Business Bureau and LinkedIn, all these platforms will increase your awareness and help you draw more customers. Another benefit of listing your business on these directories is increasing your rank and visibility on different search engines. This is because Google will locate multiple sources on which your company has been registered.

5. Try Paid Advertising
With a set budget, you can increase customer traffic and draw people to your plumbing website. This is the power of paid ads. The most exciting thing about this advertisement is that you’re only charged once someone clicks on the ad and gets to your page. Sounds great!

6. Follow up on Your Customers
Customers interested in your service can visit your site but may not be fully convinced to choose your services the first time. What can you do to draw the potential clients back into this situation? Do you have any follow-up plans in place? People only need a little urge and push to do business with you. This is why creating a follow-up strategy can be just what your plumbing business needs to gain and retain clients. Remember, consistency and patience are key when following up with a customer

7. Take Advantage of Email Marketing
As you gather more and more customers, you must devise a means of keeping in touch with them. This is how to grow a plumbing business. One of the best ways to achieve this is through email marketing. When it comes to email marketing, irrelevant content can put people off. The content you email your clients should be compelling and relevant.

8. Draw Attention with an Impressive Slogan and Logo
In the world of business, packaging is everything. It is no different with the plumbing business. Everyone is drawn to a beautiful logo, but many plumbers need to use this business promotional strategy. When customers often read your slogan or see your logo, they unintentionally start to see you as an excellent and reliable brand they can patronize.

9. Signage, Posters, and Branding
Once your slogan and logo are ready, the world has to see it. As a starting point, assuming you have a form of transportation, you can use your business vehicle as advertising media. How do you do this? Let the slogan or logo be boldly inscribed on the car’s rear. This way, people get to see it as you drive around. Could you ensure your contact information is large and bold to make it easier for people to spot? You could also place your business’s website to garner more attention to your website. You could also use posters as well.

10. Join Forces With Another Business
If the advertising cost is more manageable, you can divide the cost with another company within the same market, like a builder. By doing this, all the top-notch printing and advertisement you ordinarily wouldn’t have been able to afford on your own will be shared between you and the other business. This idea works, and you should consider it, especially if you can’t bear the cost alone.

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11. Place Promotions in Place Promotions in Community Business Publications
You can significantly benefit from placing coupons in the community business publications that marketing companies and youth organizations sell. This is another way to expose your business to more customers while simultaneously taking advantage of their delivery system.

12. Start a Blog
A blog is always a plus to any company with an online presence. You can use blogs to share various things with your customers, like updates, news, and other helpful information. As with every blog, a blog focusing on plumbing must have engaging content. Every piece of content that you offer must resonate with your audience so that they keep returning for more.

13. Make DIY Videos
People are interested in DIYs nowadays. So, could you maximize their use to your advantage? As a professional plumber, you can show your expertise through videos you can link to your site. When people see these videos, they’ll be drawn to your professionalism.

14. Live Streaming
Creating videos is a good strategy, but an even better idea is to do a live video stream. This advantage over simply recording and posting it on YouTube or your official page lets you engage with your audience in real-time.

15. Join an HOA
Joining a homeowners association opens up many more opportunities for your plumbing business. You may find that they need a plumbing company servicing them. You can use this opening, network, and recommend yourself to them. You’ll be surprised at how much good this little step can do for your business.

16. Learn From Your Customers
You should seek out and learn from your customers’ feedback as a business. Only some people will offer their opinion automatically. So, why not ask them? Could you please ask if they are satisfied with the service and whether or not they have a comment? This will pass a message to your customers that their opinions are cherished.

17. Always Say Thank You
This may sound different from your typical marketing strategy, but it goes a long way. Appreciate those who patronize you by emailing them a thank you message. Everyone loves being appreciated. It will keep your customers returning and encourage them to tell their friends about your business.

18. Referral Discounts
Want to generate more leads? Try referral discounts. The best referral program should benefit both the person who is referred and the person who has been referred to. Discounts will serve as an incentive for people to demand your service.

19. Support a Good Cause
Be it a charity group or any other cause, support your community in whatever way you can. Your customers will be happy that you care to do something for them, no matter how little.

20. A Good Reputation Goes a Long Way
People always remember you for the fantastic service that you’ve rendered to them. Building a good reputation should be one of your topmost goals as a plumber. When you’ve effectively created a good reputation, you’ll get good reviews, and people will confidently recommend you to others.

plumber marketing company

Among the tips listed, there are a few you can handle all by yourself and some that require the intervention of plumbing marketing experts. Growing your plumbing business is hard work. Why not let an intelligent marketing firm like Search Engine Projects do the hard work for you? Take a step towards growing your plumbing business today. Call Search Engine Projects today, and let’s talk business.