Pharmacy Website and Marketing

Project Brief

E-Compounding Pharmacy’s Directory goal was helping patients, doctors, and compounding pharmacies to find each other. E-Compounding Pharmacy Directory is one of the major resources for finding compounding pharmacies in the United States. This information includes pharmacy locations, pharmacy websites, and types of compounding for ordering prescription medications.

The Challenge

E-Compounding Pharmacy Website design has required data collection from many resources online and offline. Search Engine Projects team verified the information for each compounding pharmacy in the USA. Creating a back-office to add and remove the pharmacies. Positioning the directory on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing for easy access for patients. Adding new features such as social media listing and ability for compounding pharmacies to advertise their websites. Compounding Pharmacy Marketing offered by Search Engine Projects has been helping many small and local compounding pharmacies to have more patients.

The Solution

E-Compounding Pharmacy Directory receives more than 25000 visitors per month and it is one of the major information centers for compounding pharmacies in the United States. Compounding pharmacies are able to advertise in the States that they operate or nationwide. E-Compounding Pharmacy Directory helps pharmacies have a unique responsive pharmacy website with the ability to transfer and refill prescriptions from the local patient. The compounding pharmacy website even allows the pharmacies to start selling products online.  Small local compounding pharmacies have access to marketing tools to promote their pharmacies online.

Pharmacy Marketing

Importance of Pharmacy Marketing & Website Design

Pharmacy marketing is also known as medico-marketing is simply the act of promoting or advertising sales of drugs or pharmaceuticals.

Strident pharmacy rules and regulations for marketing in the US:

In the US, the marketing of pharmaceuticals is under the strident regulations of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act as well as the Prescription Drug Marketing Act.

Furthermore, the FDA or Food and Drug Administration states that all drug promotion and prescription should be truthful, not misrepresentative. It should clearly state the risks and perks of a particular drug. Only if the results are consistent, does the FDA present its labeling.

compound pharmacy marketing

Making your company exclusive is the ULTIMATE AIM:

There are numerous pharmacies functioning in the online world. And each of them seems to parallel each other in terms of selling medicines. As a pharmacy owner, you need to make yours exclusive among the rest.
To do that you need to develop a website that helps you to sustain a steady relationship with doctors as well as patients. Also, a pharmacy website needs to employ a strategy that fits the specific area.
The best way to do it is via a pharmacy marketing company:

– A pharmacy web design company designs a website based on specific utility standards using the latest technology.
– They also conduct the appropriate Pharmacy SEO to generate traffic. By listing a pharmacy website in popular search engines namely Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Pay-per-click promotions and other advertisement paths namely SERM- search engine results for converting visitors to customers will also include.

– Pharmacy marketing experts will also do the proper social media marketing to bring traffic to popular podiums. They include Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Twitter, and more.

– To give a pharmacy a formidable online presence, experts from a top pharmacy website design company will present you with adequate marketing strategies.
Apart from these crucial services, a top-notch advertising company for your pharmacy will also present you with-

• Web usability

This simply means how a pharmacy website is in terms of its user interface. It involves the ‘KISS’ principle which denotes Keep It Simple Stupid! Easy interaction and easy navigation are what they will guarantee. As a part of web analytical services, a notable pharmacy website design company will include –
– Site competitor assessment
– Usability testing, mentoring, and training
– Accessibility Audit
– Web usability
– Evaluation of software
And more!

• Translation of localization

This means creating a website not just with attractive graphics but also in the language which fully conveys the message to the target audience.
They will render you-
– Market research translation
– Legal and advertising translation
– Financial translation
And more!

• Web Analytics

With this service, a top-notch pharmacy advertising company will gather info and try to figure out the behavior of your website. It mainly involves tracking your site’s activity and also forecasting future performances.
They will try and figure out answers to some of your common web issues namely-
– Why your PPC program is being unsuccessful in sales conversion?
– What is the popular post section of your pharmacy site?
– Why do your visitors leave your site quickly?

Simply speaking, why your pharmacy site is not working as it should be?

A pharmacy marketing company does play a pivotal role in presenting turning your business dream into the face of actuality. And in many ways it why you need their experts and their promotion services!

compound pharmacy marketing
Tips for finding a top-notch pharmacy marketing company in Orange County:

1. Experience and establishment:

The 1st tip for choosing a reliable marketing company is to check how old it is. Experience matters when designing websites. And to get an apt measure of this, you should manually check their personal website.
– You should check their existing pharmacy web design portfolio
– Check for their number of clients and go through their testimonials
– Also to ascertain the experience of their web designing experts, you should communicate with them via that site’s portal.
(The best ones offer adequate communication mediums for clients to post queries and communicate with their designing experts)
A company which is old also means that it is very stable. They have had the scope of ironing their work procedures. And they know a thing or two of meeting deadlines and abiding by project specifics.

2. Responsiveness:

The 2nd aspect of choosing a reliable pharmacy website design company is the responsiveness to your requests. The reason being this will be a crucial factor both when they design your website and also when your website is active.
If you find a service provider not responding quickly to your requests, then that is a sign that they are not as proficient as they claim. If they are late at the time of winning your website, they will probably do the same after they have gotten your assignment.

3. Cost and commitment time:

– Cost
The expenditure depends on the contingency of your pharmacy web design as well as the magnitude of promotion. So it would serve you well if you discuss your project specifics with the website officials. And accordingly, ask them to present you with a rough estimate.
When conveying your needs, be sure not to leave anything out. Even if it is a small need, include it on your list of requirements. This will let you know exactly how much your pharmacy website design will cost. And whether you are in a position to afford it!
– Commitment
As for commitment time, again you will have to communicate with your chosen website official. If the company is good, then there is the likelihood that they will have a host of other projects.
But despite their exclusive project line-up, they will still invest ample time for your site, as for them every client is the same. So clearly lay down your project specifics and see how much commitment will the service provider be able to offer you.

4. The designers/developers whom you will be working with:

Another thing while choosing a notable pharmacy advertising company is clarifying the number of designers whom you will do your work with. The reason is, if you do run into any bottle-necks or want to make some last-minute changes or inclusions, you can easily convey that to those experts.
Some of the things which will need assistance with are-
– Your pharmacy website email
– Site hosting
– Domain name
– And making use of content management systems for your portal

5. Will they give you the support when you need it?

Lastly, when looking for a reliable pharmacy advertising agency, you will need to check if they offer quality-proven technical support. The thing with most companies is that in the first 6-8 months, they show a lot of enthusiasm in developing their website. But after that span, their commitments deteriorate.
So, you need to make sure that their support service is steady and right from start to finish.
These are some of the 5 crucial tips which you need to consider when choosing a reliable marketing agency in Orange County.

For best pharmacy marketing in Orange County, California, you can contact Search Engine Projects to achieve excellent results. From SEO to Web Analytics to all other website promotion requirements, they have the experts. As a company, they have been active for some time now and have an excellent customer satisfaction record. Their skills and web advertising services will surely take your online pharmacy business to the next level.

10 Independent Pharmacy Marketing Tips

While hundreds of independent pharmacies emerge each year, thousands go down the drain as a result of poor marketing strategies. Most independent pharmacy owners work so hard to keep the business going, focusing on patient care issues and employees, that there is never enough time to promote their pharmacies. It is almost always the last thing on the list. Quite often, it just doesn’t get done, and what gets done, isn’t done in the right way.

independent pharmacy marketing

, Unlike doctors, dentists and lawyers, independent pharmacies are no longer known as entities, there are pharmacies now in malls, grocery stores, and probably soon in banks and offices too! So why then should people choose yours? You have to come up with convincing marketing ideas to make your independent pharmacy different, to make it stand out and be the best around your location and beyond. You have to use strategies that would make buying drugs elsewhere seem like a betrayal; you have to be original!

What are you doing to find your ideal patient?

Corporations spend billions of dollars and put dozens of people on a task force to find and attract the ideal customers for their business. So what are you doing as a small business owner, independent pharmacist to try and find that patient? How can you get patients to keep coming back into your pharmacy? Most of the time if not all the time, it takes more than just a friendly face or a great pharmacy to do that, you have to do more and go way beyond that.

You have to define your ideal patient. Is it the dad with four kids that comes in regularly to pick up antibiotics and paracetamol or the cheerful old lady down the street that needs monthly medications for her diabetes? Identifying your patients is one thing, and knowing how to attract and maintain them can be one hell of a task.

Well, here, we will discuss ten tips for compound pharmacy marketing to help you find the ideal patient/customer of your dreams.

1. Create a serene and healthy atmosphere

Ideally, even a healthy person would love to walk into a drug store or pharmacy and feel calm and welcome, imagine how it’d be with a sick person. A clean and stress-free environment will not only give patients and customers a sense of trust, but it would also make them feel comfortable. This can create a long-lasting relationship between you and your customers. Similarly, a well-designed pharmacy with a clean layout will make everything look brand new while at the same time conveying the message of trust to your customers and patients.

2. Email marketing

Do you know that you can use your pharmacy’s management system to run reports that identify patients? By doing that frequently, you can see what patients bought which drugs and how often so and so drugs are consumed monthly. An email is a great tool for compound pharmacy marketing, and you can use it to attract customers. You can then make use of the information you’ve gathered to compose and send emails to potential customers advertising your independent pharmacy. Telling them the type of drugs you sell, how well you treat patients, and why they should choose you over the 22000 plus pharmacies that are in the United States. Take advantage of the data available to you and make your pharmacy a common name among patients.

3. Connect with other caregivers in your community

In every community, there are hundreds of patients with different chronic diseases looking for the ideal pharmacy to make a long-lasting bond with. You can only find them by interacting and connecting with their doctors, nurses, and other health caregivers. Go to health fairs and other community events, or be a partner at organizing one, and let the caregivers know that you can and will take care of their patients differently. More so, you also get to interact with these patients, let them know what they need to do about their medical conditions. That way, they feel special and know they are going into the right hand.

4. Social media advertisement

Never underestimate the power of social media advertising. Out of the billions of people on Instagram and Facebook, probably a few million are from your community, and your pharmacy could be just the right one a few thousand among them are looking for. Create a social media account with your pharmacy name and pay for adverts; they cost only a few dollars. That way, you get not only social media advertisements and promotion benefits; you also get to interact one on one with existing and intending customers. You get to show people that you are a master at what you do and that they are falling into the right hands if they choose you.

5. Promotions

Build services within the four walls of your pharmacy and then promote those services out to the community online or offline. Build the services first and go outside to promote them, tell your story. What makes you stand out? What makes you different? Organize campaigns with your staff and employees. Don’t have one? Fine, seek the help of family members, friends, and other independent pharmacy owners.

independent pharmacy marketing

Similarly, you could print promotion flyers and distribute them to people within or outside your community. If you are too busy to do so yourself, you could assign the task to one or two of your staff. Or you can do so during the weekends or on your days off, which gives you the advantage of talking to potential customers and providing answers to their questions.

6. Sales and discounts

The fact that you want to make a lot of profit might be what is stopping you from giving discounts or going on sales frequently. Well, you can do so and make quite a lot of profit. Liaise with your distributor or supplier and get drugs and other medical supplies at a cheap rate, then take advantage of those prices to give massive discounts and sales. That way, you will attract patients and customers within your locality and beyond.

7. Differentiate your pharmacy from other big-box pharmacies

Making your pharmacy different from other chains of pharmacies and competitions can make a huge difference to your business. Though a lot of people are afraid of change and may find switching from their old pharmacies to yours something they are not quite comfortable with. Others see change as something pretty intriguing. Introduce rare personalized care and customer services that patients root for, making them feel excited and happy to try the services of your pharmacy. Your propositions must go beyond friendly faces and community presence; be original in your marketing efforts. Be creative in your marketing strategy by offering something that would make you stand out from the crowd.

8. Create a good loyal customer base

Never underestimate the power of a satisfied customer when it comes to giving referrals and recommendations. Several studies have shown that most businesses get 20% to 30% of their new customers through existing ones. Incorporate that into your marketing strategies by ensuring that no patient leaves your pharmacy without having a good experience to give the tale of. Create a customer base so strong that they bring new customers to you.

When your patients are happy and satisfied, they refer to other patients with similar conditions to you. And before you know it, your independent pharmacy is among the top, best within and outside your locality.

9. Be an information provider

The problem with most large pharmacies or retailers is that they don’t provide patients with much information about their prescriptions or medical conditions. Hence, most patients and customers boycott them and go in search of a better one – a less complex one. So, be more than just a drug seller! Create awareness about certain things that people would want to know. Have a heart-to-heart talk with your patients and let them know how deeply you are concerned about their well-being.

Organize community events raising awareness about certain diseases, and how they can be prevented or treated. Go beyond your target/ideal patient!

10. Go digital

Digital doesn’t necessarily mean emails and social media. Use television and radio stations in your locality for your compound pharmacy advertising. These adverts can go a long way in bringing your target patient right to the doorstep of your pharmacy. You could also use e-mail to send messages to people telling them about what you have to offer them. Also, you can employ the services of professionals and other intelligent marketing firms to market and promote your business for you. They can also help create unique marketing strategies for your independent pharmacy at a reasonable price.

independent pharmacy marketing

Bottom line

Big pharmacies and other large companies didn’t just go big overnight. It took the owners a lot of sleepless nights creating new ideas and marketing strategies to make them stand out. Don’t be afraid to follow in their footsteps in creating something new that will take your small independent pharmacy and turn it into a chain of pharmacies all over the country. Be willing to take risks and do something different. Test these ten independent pharmacy marketing tips, who knows, not doing so might be the only thing holding you back from success!