Dental Website and Marketing

Project Brief

Dental Office Website (DOW) helps dentists have a stunning dental website and active dental marketing that generates new patients for their practice. Dental Office Website (DOW) is one of the premier dental marketing firms in Southern California. The Dental Office Website Team are specialized in providing Dentist Website Design, and Dental SEO to local dentists to promote and enhance their online presence.

The Challenge

As a company, Dental Office Website (DOW) was facing many challenges such as having a new responsive website, gaining new positions on the major search engines (search engine optimization), establish branding, social media marketing, and finding new clients in the shortest time.

The Solution

Dental Office Website (DOW) started to gain a solid position on major search engines in a short time. New dentists started contacting the company, requesting a new, responsive dental website for their practice. The dental marketing package helped many dentists.

How to Promote Dental Practice Through Effective Dental Marketing?

In today’s world, Marketing is now one of the most important roles in the world. Without effective marketing, businesses are bound to suffer. However, digital marketing is quite different from traditional marketing strategies. It needs the use of effective strategies and tools that would entice the client to opt for the service. Word of mouth is no longer enough when there is so much competition in the area. Dental marketing is essential if someone wants their dental practice to succeed.
There are several things that a digital marketing team aims for dental practice advertising. Listed below are some of the things which are of prime importance to such an agency:
– Establishing an online presence.
– Using SEO to achieve better Google rankings.
– Setting up social media accounts to interact and promote dental practices.
– Creating and updating an existing tool to employ new strategies to bring in high traffic.

How to Promote Dental Practice Through Dental Marketing?

Based on the existing website, the agency will decide what strategy they need to adapt to increase online presence. The prime objective is to get the interest of new customers. Since dentists are often feared and avoided because of the procedures they carry out, spreading awareness about the field and the procedures conducted is a good way to entice new customers.
The thirst for knowledge is what makes humans curious and is bound to increase traffic. Listed below are some ways one can promote their business through effective dental marketing techniques:

Use of infographics

The distribution of information through visual representation is an attractive way to get new patients. Humans are known to be naturally attracted to visuals, and it is an effective way to get the word out about their practice. Giving out the maximum amount of information that one can accommodate within a small page. A well-done graphics is what will generate high traffic to the website. Talking about procedures or anything related to procedures. Talking about dental caps, explaining the procedure in five steps, and so on.

Video marketing

Sharing videos of procedures that have been conducted on previous patients is another way to get the word out. Patients would want to know that the dentist has the necessary skills and they have no reason to be scared. The professional can ask someone to film them while they are doing the bonding process and then upload it on their website and YouTube. It takes a little effort but it is worth all the trouble as this helps the website rank with Google.
However, it is necessary to look for compatible dental practice advertising that supports multimedia to promote through videos.

Rely on guest posts

Guest posts are another way to let patients know about the practices that are offered. While infographics and videos rely on the number of views they have, guest blogs, however, involve the posting of content on another blog. Many popular blogs get the most amount of traffic. Partnering with them will give the necessary exposure that a professional will require while at the same time providing some content for the blog. Guest posts are guaranteed to increase some traffic to the website, whereas multimedia marketing strategies often rely entirely on the mood of the audience.

Learn about Google authorship

Google authorship is another most underrated marketing tool that is used for dental practice advertising. It allows one to claim authorship of the content that they have posted on other blogs and website and link it to their Google profile. When people search for a service or look up the content on another website, they will be redirected to the website or the owner’s Google profile. Any professional must have a profile. Studies have shown that traffic increases by 150% when there is a profile picture.

Local optimization

The business must optimize its website for Google Local and smartphones as well. Most people are online on their phones. It is important to ensure that it is compatible with all platforms- iOS, Android, and others. If someone wants to help build their dental practice and develop it into a brand, then it is necessary to be listed under Google local business. This will allow new patients to search for them more conveniently.

Frequent Use Social  Media

Social media is one of the finest platforms to promote a business. It provides ample opportunities to promote any dental practice and is an effective dental marketing tool. Also, the more one gives to their community, the more they will receive. Being more charitable and sharing on social media, sponsoring the cost of the dental treatment for the less fortunate and raise funds on such platforms to do so.
Interacting with patients online is a highly important practice. Share effective posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to generate more patients. Remember to post something or the other each day to advertise the practice.

Creation of geo-targeted ads

Ads are another effective way to generate traffic. However, with so many options like pay per click, direct mail, etc., it is hard to choose just anyone. All of these services are pretty expensive, so it is needed to select one and focus on it. Integrating direct mail with geo-targeted Google ads is an effective way to convert a visitor to a customer. In this, the ones on the mailing list start seeing the Google ads across various networks. This increases the reach of the campaign which again attracts high traffic.

Email marketing

To retain the current patient base, acquiring the mail address of patients is a must. Sending them information about services and appointments. However, do not go overboard. They will simply keep the emails in the spam folder in that case.

Development of networking skills

It is imperative to interact with peer groups. Join various communities and talk to them and express professional views. There are numerous groups on various platforms that would help achieve that.

Use of customer referrals

Customer referrals are the biggest marketing tool out there.

– Ensuring they enjoy the interactions.
– Listening to them.
– Guiding them thoroughly.
– Whether they are actually happy with the services.

Looking for a dental marketing agency that would uplift the dental practice? Well, Search Engine Projects (SEP) is the right solution. SEP’s team is experts at handling websites and come up with effective strategies that increase website traffic. They will find the right solution to get the word out and find new patients for the dental offices.

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