Persian Rugs Website and Marketing

Project Brief

Persian rugs e-commerce website design, OLDCARPET is providing information about history, people and centers of Real Persian handmade Rugs. The company was looking forward to selling Persian rugs and positioning the website on major search engines.

The Challenge

Hand-knotted Persian rugs are unique products. Building an eCommerce website for Persian rugs is not an easy task since handmade rugs have many unique attributes.

The Solution

The project started by designing the platform for unique handmade rugs on eCommerce. Creating the functionality to upload thousands of Persian rugs at once adds speed to the process. Search engine optimization of the website allows OLDCARPET to gain huge momentum by selling a large number of their Persian rugs online.

Persian Rugs Marketing

How to Market Oriental Rugs Online?

How to Market Oriental Rugs Online?

Digital marketing has outdone all forms of traditional marketing practices since it targets the audience that is searching for niche-specific services. That’s why SEO specialists and webmasters spend a lot of time researching keywords and phrases that their target audience is likely to type when looking for their services.

Digital marketing is effective for every online or brick-and-mortar business – whether you are selling home renovation products or construction materials. Oriental rug business is one such area that needs online advertising and marketing to be sold in large volumes. The growth of carpet and rug businesses has skyrocketed since COVID-19 – thanks to digital marketing. Retailers have started using these digital channels to present their rugs to a wider audience.

how to market oriental rugs online

Online Rug Business – Grow Your Brand with Digital Marketing

The days when you’d put a big banner of your Oriental area rugs near your stores and streets are long gone. These traditional strategies are not effective, and neither are they a cost-effective option. You don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on traditional marketing, especially when it is dead. Even if you are a small retailer of home area rugs and carpets, you need to have a solid digital presence to market your product.

A digital marketing team can market your handmademodernsynthetic, woolenretro-stylecontemporary, and Oriental area rugs to your target audience. Regardless of the type and size of rugs, it is never too difficult to promote your product with digital marketing. Not only is it a cost-effective marketing campaign, but social media and SEO are the best promotional techniques for your shop rugs.

Old Days are Gone, Fewer Clients Are Walking to Your Showroom

The days that you were setting inside your showroom were waiting for clients to buy your rugs in over. Clients are smarter than before and they do research about you and your products before stepping into your store.

Customers will check the internet for various Oriental Rugs (Rugs made in China, Central Asia, Pakistan, Turkey, and India) and Persian rugs (Rugs made in Iran).

  • Make sure your store has a good reputation in local and online communities. Check the Yelp and Google reviews.
  • You should have high-quality pictures of your rugs from the top, and side, and show the thickness of each rug.
  • For Persian and other hand-knotted rugs, you should share the Knots Per Square inch (KPSI) of each rug accurately. KPSI indicated the craftsmanship and quality of the rugs.
  • Do not forget the accurate measurement of the rugs both in inches and centimeters.
  • You should define the material. (wool, cotton, silk)
  • You should define the age of the rug (new, used, semi-antique, or Antique)
  • You should be crystal clear about the shipping and return policies.
  • Make sure your website is fast, and use fast hostings like VPS, or dedicated server hosting.

Grow Your Brand Presence with Digital Marketing

With the right marketing tools, it will be a whole lot easier for your rug business to understand your target audience, their preference, the latest trends in the rug and carpet industry, and your competitor’s marketing strategy. The better you understand your audience, the easier it is to market your Oriental area rugs to them and increase your brand awareness.

Updated Persian Rugs Ads

You can update your ads to see if it gets better results than the previous advertisement. Digital marketing for selling Persian Rugs online has made it possible to update your advertising campaign as often as you want. You can also run many advertising ad campaigns and compare their performances to see which ads generate the highest returns.

For New Modern Rugs Launches

Home renovation trends keep changing from time to time. The contemporary-style rugs that are trending now might go out of trend in a few months. You need to keep launching new products to keep your business alive and running. Now, the best part about digital marketing is that it allows you to test your product in the market before releasing it commercially. This is not an option for those relying on traditional marketing.

There is no guarantee about how your customers will react to your new launches and whether they will like your new product. Sales cannot be guaranteed, but with better and more effective marketing, your new rug products will be easily sold to your audience. You no longer need to worry about launching a new product now when it’s possible to test people’s reactions before the launch.

Grow Your Customer Base

Trial-and-error is no longer needed when you have the right digital marketing strategies to grow your customer base. Every homeowner needs high-quality rugs that look modern and give a fantastic feel to their interiors. Chances are a vast majority of your prospects will search for rugs and carpets online.

You need to ensure that your brand appears in the search engine results when someone types a keyword relevant to your services. Digital marketing allows you to promote your brand to a local and global audience.

In addition to the locals, you can cover the international markets where there is a significant demand for Persian rugs and carpets. Traditional marketing will cover only a limited area, i.e. your town only. The biggest advantage of incorporating SEO and SEM into your marketing strategy is that it helps grow your audience on a global level.

how to market oriental rugs online

Make Your Rugs Easily Accessible to Everyone

If you want maximum sales and better outreach, you need to use search engine optimizationsocial media marketing, influencer marketingemail marketing, and SEM to increase your brand awareness and exposure.

Since the COVID pandemic, people have started shopping for home renovation products online. It’s easier for them to find a wide variety of modern rugs that may look flawless in their homes online. Even if someone visits your land-based store, chances are they have already searched for your brand online.

Build Customer Loyalty

There are plenty of ways to build customer engagement and build their trust in your brand over time. For starters, you can offer exciting coupons and rewards to your regular clients. Run a loyalty program to get more people to do business with you. It’s a tested and proven strategy to increase your customers and generate higher revenues.

Quick Returns

Businesses achieve the break-even point faster when they promote their products and services through digital marketing. Now that you have your brand on different channels, it is easier to track your returns and generate better revenues.

For example, influencer marketing will bring tons of traffic to your landing page or website. SEO might take time to show results, but it has proven to be an effective marketing strategy for brands that want to build a loyal customer base. Search engine marketing, on the other hand, can generate quick results. It also helps you improve the quality of your website traffic, since digital marketing targets the most relevant audience.

Digital marketing is your go-to brand promotion technique. Whether you are a startup or an established organization offering oriental rugs, you need a strong digital presence for higher returns.

Oriental rugs have always been a symbol of luxury and sophistication. These intricately designed masterpieces are not just floor coverings, but a work of art that adds character and warmth to any space. Marketing Oriental rugs requires a specific approach that highlights their uniqueness, quality, and history.

When it comes to Oriental rugs, it’s essential to educate customers about the value of these timeless beauties. Many customers may not be familiar with the intricate designs and handcrafted techniques used in creating Oriental rugs. Hence, the marketing strategy should emphasize the traditional craftsmanship and the unique features of each rug.

One approach to marketing Oriental rugs is to focus on their history and cultural significance. Oriental rugs have been woven for centuries in the Middle East and Asia, and each rug carries a unique story. By highlighting the origin and cultural significance of each rug, customers can appreciate the value of owning an Oriental rug.

When marketing Oriental rugs, it’s important to differentiate between the various types available. Traditional Persian rugs are known for their intricate designs and hand-knotted techniques, while Turkish rugs are known for their bold colors and patterns. Kilim rugs, on the other hand, are known for their flat weave and geometric designs. By highlighting the differences between these rugs, clients can choose a rug that best suits their style and needs based on Oriental rug designs.

In addition to traditional Oriental rugs, modern and machine-made rugs are also gaining popularity. Modern rugs feature bold designs and colors, while machine-made rugs are affordable and easily accessible. When marketing Oriental rugs, it’s important to highlight the unique features of each type of rug and cater to a broad range of clients.

To shop for Oriental rugs, customers can visit brick-and-mortar stores or shop online. Online shopping has become increasingly popular, with many stores offering a wide selection of Oriental rugs. When marketing Oriental rugs online, it’s essential to provide clients with detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and a user-friendly interface.

When buying Oriental rugs, ones should also consider the size and placement of the rug. Large rugs can create a focal point in a room, while smaller area rugs can be used to accent specific areas. Additionally, clients can also consider buying old rugs that carry a sense of history and charm.

In conclusion, Oriental rug marketing requires a specific approach that highlights the uniqueness and cultural significance of each rug. By educating clients about the value and quality of these rugs, businesses can cater to a broad range of clients and create a sense of appreciation for the art of rug making. Whether shopping for traditional or modern Oriental rugs, customers can enjoy the beauty and elegance that these rugs bring to any space.

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