Project Description

Contractor Website and Marketing

Project Brief

Search Engine Projects offers home builder and contractor marketing in the USA. As more people are using the internet for searching for contractorsplumbersHVAC, and other home-related services online, internet marketing is a crucial lead generation channel for contractors.

The Challenge

Sunpeak Construction is a leading design, engineering, and contracting company for commercial building projects in Southern California. Sunpeak Construction designs commercial buildings on time with a set budget. Sunpeak Construction was looking to improve its online marketing to have more leads for commercial construction projects and change its old website to a responsive and mobile-friendly website.

The Solution

Search Engine Projects converts the old and outdated website to a new and responsive contractor website. Our team improved Sunpeak Construction website for important keywords such as Commercial Construction, Custom Homes Builders, Industrial Construction, and Solar Panel Constructions in less than three months.

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Tips to Improve Contractor Business Through Online Marketing

People have this misconception that marketing is restricted to big companies. This is not true. To achieve success, it is essential to advertise all businesses, no matter how small or big they are. Most contractors feel that word-of-mouth referrals are not enough to gain new customers. However, this is not true and it also limits the number of customers a business can acquire. With effective contractor marketing strategies from an experienced online marketing firm, many issues can be fixed for the contractor’s business.

A contractor advertising agency helps set up a good website and uses effective strategies to bring in new customers and retain old ones through online advertising. Furthermore, it allows the contractor’s business to build up a stronger reputation that makes them stand out from the competition.

Everything depends on the efficiency of the company that will help a business with web designing, advertising, and marketing. Here are some effective tips on choosing an agency that can help your business reach its goals.

Tips to Enhance Contractor Businesses Through Online Marketing

Hiring a contractor marketing agency is a simple way to successfully advertise a business. They will help build the business owner’s brand by uploading customer-specific attractive content, along with employing necessary marketing tools to give the business an edge over competitors.

Still worried about whether that would be enough or not? Well, listed below are some tips that will allow a contractor to communicate with their marketing agency better so that they can work together to promote their business.

1. Understand the needs of the website for contractor marketing

When one talks to a marketing agency, it is important to understand how to promote a business and who would be the target customers. It is important to understand what the website would need to make it better and how the agency would carry it out.

  • Does it need to be advertised more on social media?
  • Interact with customers even more?
  • Does its Google ranking need to be improved?

Based on such requirements, the agency will decide what services to implement. These might include:

  • Online advertising
  • Website development
  • SEO based marketing
  • Blogging
  • Marketing automation

2. Choose an agency that caters to a specific industry

The digital marketing agency that you end up choosing must be specialized in working with clients within your industry. They need to understand the details of construction work and develop their marketing strategies accordingly. If they have dealt with other construction businesses in the past, then they know how to target potential customers and how to make a contractor’s website stand out among competitors.

• Look at their portfolio before finalizing

The portfolio of work the marketing agency has done in the past can indicate a lot about them. It allows understanding whether they would be suitable to handle the business website or not.

3. Build a great website

Oftentimes, construction business owners turn up quite late to an agency to promote their business. They either have zero online presence or an outdated system. It is essential to work with a professional agency to identify what the website needs. They will help choose the right contractor website design and develop an effective and attractive website.

Tip – Ensure that the agency develops a responsive web design that makes the site compatible with different devices.

4. Be clear about what you want in your website design

A contractor’s website being online is one thing, it is another thing to create a clear and crisp design. Make sure the site and its elements reflect the services that are offered. Experienced website designers design websites that make it easy for users to navigate the website. Talk to your Contractor Marketing Agency about it. Remember to advertise every aspect of the construction business in clear words.

5. Price matters

Price is an important factor in all cases. Generally, marketing agencies work on a contractual basis. However, some work at an hourly rate. Ask about the price and see if it fits within your budget. Remember that marketing is an investment that will eventually boost the business.

Tip – Don’t run after cheap prices as they might not be the same quality. Look for a reputable company that offers quality along at an affordable price.

Additionally, develop networking skills.

Networking is as important as marketing in today’s world. The contractor should be connected to other big names in the industry. LinkedIn is a good source for that. This will allow acquiring big projects which will further add new customers. It is important to interact and post on other platforms as well.

What should be avoided when choosing an agency?

While the tips stated above explain what’s best for a business with the help of a contractor advertising agency; there are a few pointers that should make a contractor turn around. One must choose the right agency for their business if success is desired. Listed below are several pointers that should be avoided:

  • Choosing an agency with a poor website
  • They do not believe in 100% ownership
  • Not entirely transparent
  • Don’t ask any questions
  • Their website is not impressive

When searching for a marketing agency, their website must be visited and looked over.

  • How commendable is their web design?
  • How good is their content?
  • Is it mobile-friendly?
  • Did they use on-page SEO techniques?

If they fail to impress with their website, they will fail to impress customers as well.

Are there long, binding contracts to the agency?

Avoid companies that bind a contractor into long contracts and keep the website away from the business owner. Ensure that the chosen agency allows the owner full access to the site at any time.

Are they transparent?

It is essential to choose an agency that is transparent with everything. Remember to know exactly what services are being applied. If an entirely new contractor website design is being given, then don’t be afraid to ask how it is being built. If an agency refuses to answer questions, then step away and find another one.

Do they ask questions?

Avoid choosing an agency that simply says ‘yes’ to everything proposed and does not ask anything. To strategize more effectively, they need to understand the business fully and as a result, ask relevant questions regarding the business. They need to ask at least six strategy questions for this purpose.

Selecting a good contractor marketing agency is essential for the survival and the success of the businesses’ website. One such agency is Search Engine Projects. They help build an online brand and find the right solution to the website’s needs. With website reports generated periodically, this is a great solution for all construction business owners out there.

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