What is your plan to have successful social media marketing in 2020? We’ll share ten crucial social media marketing tips to help facilitate your business growth in 2020.

Until now, has your business begun to take advantage of the many opportunities the virtual community of social media provides? We hope the answer is yes. According to SCORE, the nation’s largest volunteer and expert business mentor network, 27% of small businesses in the United States are off social media.

We sure don’t want you to fall into that category. If you do, this article shares different ways social media can assist with achieving your business growth goals. We hope this article will cause you to change your mind and put your business on social media.

Social Media and Its Benefits
What comes to mind when you hear the term “social media”? For some, social media is the place people go to kill time. However, it is much more than a time-killer; it is a source of online interaction that many people use daily.

According to reports from We Are Social’s (a global marketing and advertising agency) Global Digital Report 2019, 3.484 billion of the world’s population are social media users. That means that 45% or almost half of the world’s population uses social media. That figure is growing at a rate of 9% every year. As a business, shouldn’t you be focusing your marketing efforts on where the attention of potential clients is?

Let’s paint a picture of what it looks like to compete in the business world without using social media. Imagine Business A looking to gain new clients using Yellow Pages and flyers only in the 21st century. Now imagine Business B competing with a responsive website, being active on Instagram and Facebook with many followers, and posting fresh content daily. What are the odds that Business A will win the competition? Almost impossible.

Similarly, if you do business today without social media, you almost do not stand a chance in today’s cut-throat business world. You compete with other companies when you incorporate social media marketing into your overall marketing plan.

Social media is a platform that enables users to create and share content for a large number of potential clients. Compared with traditional marketing, it is less costly and far more effective. Pay attention to social media to increase your business’s exposure. Not using social media would be a big mistake for any company.

10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Business

Here are ten tips to help you craft your social media marketing strategy for 2020.

1. Set SMART Goals
It is not news that a person who fails to plan has planned to fail, regardless of whether they know it. That truth applies here as well. You need to set SMART marketing goals to earn maximum ROI on your social media marketing budget. The acronym SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. If you incorporate SMART goals into your business, you will likely have a higher chance of achieving that goal.

2. Redefine your Target Customer
In your business, you have one-time customers, and you have returning customers. Could you make sure to take note of the returning customers? When you examine your current customers, you will see patterns. Why? It’s because consumer behavior is not random. These patterns predict who a potential client is with a small margin of error.

Try to find out why your repeat customers keep coming back to you. Make questionnaires and surveys, and ask them directly. Examine their demographics, average monthly income, age group, and type of work they do. Use the results of your findings to define your customer profile. Whoever fits this profile is a new addition to your clientele.

When you have more precise knowledge of your ideal customer, you’ll achieve better results with your marketing process.

3. Choose the Right Platforms
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest are some of the world’s leading social media platforms. However, these platforms aren’t created equal. Every platform has its strengths and weaknesses.

Instagram and Pinterest are designed primarily for visual content. LinkedIn is used to market your business for B2B markets (business-to-business), and YouTube is used for video content. The point is that each platform does well with different types of companies.

To determine which platforms you should use, please find out where your potential clients are. Bear in mind that businesses often use a combination of different social media platforms. By thoughtfully considering which platforms to use, you will have better results with your content.

4. Use more Visual Content in 2020
A survey by BrightCove Inc., a Boston, Massachusetts–-based software company, discovered that 85% of millennials bought a product after watching a video. Humans are visual beings. We prefer the content provided to us in graphic form. By looking at the data released by Brightcove, video content will become very common in 2020. So, in posting content across your pages, make the most of visual images, especially videos.

5. Avoid Being All Sales
People don’t want to be sold any longer. There are better methods than spamming clients with your business’s products or services to show your social media presence. Instead, could you use your social media page to provide valuable knowledge to your customers? This will add value to your customers.

6. Engage your Audience
Don’t ignore your audience. Nobody likes to be ignored or left hanging. Acknowledge your client’s questions and respond to them quickly. Quick responses increase the chances of a client wanting to do business with you.

This can be challenging if you don’t have the proper knowledge about social media marketing. If that’s your problem, quickly search for it on Google or hire the help of a social media marketing team.

7. Learn from your Competitors
There’s nothing wrong with looking over the shoulders of your competition. Learning from your competition helps you draw inspiration and ideas from what other businesses are doing. Employ some of their strategies to help push your own business forward.

Refuse the temptation to copy; adopt the best practices you can find, and use them to tell your business’s purpose.

8. Focus on Mobile
Social media is often an integral part of the overall digital marketing strategy. Mobile will account for 72% of digital ads spent by 2020. Your landing pages and website should also be responsive and mobile-friendly.

9. Review your Progress Periodically
One of the most significant benefits social media marketing offers is the opportunity to measure the results of every action your clients take. Please compare your analytics to your goals and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Lead generation and conversion rates are two of the most important metrics you want to monitor closely in your analytics.

Could you look deep into these metrics to identify the actions that should be taken to bring in the results you want? Doing this lets you pay more attention to what works better for you. Could you make sure to have a schedule for reviewing your analytics weekly, monthly, and quarterly?

10. Hire a Professional Manager
If you hire a qualified individual, you’ll find that having a social media expert in your business team would be great for your business. Social media marketing requires careful, expert attention. Temporarily, you may choose to handle some essential tasks, like posting content by yourself. But in the long run, there might be better strategies.

A Final Word
It would be best to eliminate the thought that your business would be fine without social media. It’s damaging to your business.

As you go farther into your business marketing plan, you might need help with social media marketing. Could you choose a social media marketing company to help you with the process? Our team of social media marketing experts at Search Engine Projects knows how to help your business grow.