We receive many queries from new clients to build a new website or redesign their existing websites due to the lack of traffic, search engine position, and low conversion rate. Some of these websites are stunning and they have beautiful layouts.

The majority of these websites have been made by reputable website design firms in the U.S., so the questions came to us, why are the website owners trying to redesign the website by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms vs. website design firm?

Many website owners will conclude that they have a beautiful website that doesn’t produce any revenue or create any leads. They will realize the reasons after 6 to 12 months of owning the new website and paying for website hosting and other expenses.

The following are some of the facts that we believe are the main causes the issues:

  • The website design firms usually focused on the design concepts alone without understanding or concerning the client business model.
  • Some website design firms do not follow “Website Usability Principals” and they build websites based on clients guidelines alone.
  • Website design companies position themselves as a salesman vs. consultant. They do not want to upset the clients by challenging them by offering something different or new in fear of losing their clients.

Many SEO firms also offer website design and development as part of their services. Their process usually starts by asking questions about their clients’ business models, such as:

How many new clients do you need per month?

What are some of the keywords that present your business?

Where are the majority of current clients coming from?

What are the three similar websites that present your type of products or services?

A quality internet marketing firm always asks many questions from clients before they start coding or designing any website.

The process of website design usually evolve

  • Collecting Information
  • Planning Design
  • Development
  • Launch website
  • After Launch Maintenance

Building a website is an art and there are many website design firms that also follow the above process but build a website by an SEO firm, usually is a better bet if you are looking to have new clients and a better position on search engines in a short amount of time.

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