Search Engine Projects is an online marketing firm that specializes in developing and designing optimized websites for clients. The majority of website design quires are coming from business owners who have stunning websites.

The main reason for redesign a website is the lack of trafficsearch engine position, and low conversion rate.

Some of these websites are stunning, and they have beautiful layouts.

The majority of these websites have been built by reputable website design companies in the U.S., so the question that came to us is why are website owners trying to redesign their website through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms vs. website design companies?

The following are some of the points of re-designing a website by SEO agency vs. website design company:

  • The majority of website design companies are focused on design concepts alone without fully understanding the client’s business model.
  • Some website design companies do not follow website usability principles and build websites based on the client’s guidelines alone.
  • Many website design companies are concerned about meeting the company’s sales quota over helping clients as a consultant.
  • They do not want to upset the client by challenging them by offering something different or new, in fear of losing their business.

Many SEO firms also offer website design and development as part of their services. Their process usually starts by asking questions about their client’s business models, such as:

  • How many new clients do you need per month?
  • What are the keywords that present your business online?
  • Where are the majority of current clients coming from?

The process of website design usually involves the following steps:

  1. Collecting Information
  2. Planning the Website Design
  3. Website Development
  4. Website Launch

Many website design firms also follow the above processes. However, having a website built by an SEO firm is usually a wiser choice if business owners are looking to have new clients and a better position on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing in the shortest amount of time.

An SEO agency usually charges more money to build and design a website compare to a website design company.

The initial investment has a higher return for business owners since they do not need to pay for online SEO in the future.

If you are looking for a new, optimized website, our team at Search Engine Projects is ready to help you.

We have developed and designed many optimized websites for our clients for many years. As a reputable internet marketing agency in Orange County, California, Search Engine Projects offers website design services at an affordable price.