Surveys show that the average visitor spends 60 seconds or less on a website landing page. If your content does enough to retain a client’s attention, within 10 seconds the session is normally ended. The website design is important because it is what used to generate the original attraction, and visitors should be retained by the relevant content.

The longer the visitor spends at your site; the chances of conversion are increased. This is the reason why effective website development is critical.

You may have the most valuable content, but if it is improperly presented, visitors will leave in a millisecond. One of the intriguing aspects of website design is that it can be handled from anywhere. Companies such as Search Engine Projects in Orange County has completed website development for companies that may thousands of miles away in completely different time zones.

In order to prevent visitors from leaving prematurely, navigation menus, should be clean and prominently displayed because online visitors all have an innate desire to click on links. At the same time, the design must allow for easy editing.

  • Although it may sound obvious, visitors must be told what to do. They should be given explicit instructions, such as fill out the form, subscribe to the list, click here to purchase.
  • Content should be placed strategically on the pages and should attract the visitors’ attention. You will need to do some testing to find where the best locations for specific elements.
  • Before beginning the design, you should complete a mockup that shows the layout of the elements. At this stage, you can use grayscale boxes to designate the size, position, and alignment of the page elements as they relate to the text.
  • Do not be afraid of white spaces. When used correctly, white spaces can add a clean professional appearance as the page is divided into different areas. White spaces do not need to be literally white and can be of a lighter color, as long as it is used to separate areas.
  • Keep the number of colors to a maximum of 4. Too many colors can be distracting and it contributes to a cluttered and busy appearance. The trend is toward minimal design, and that includes colors and appearance.
  • You should get to know more about your visitors before going away from standard fonts. It may be best to play it safe by keeping with commonly used fonts that are known to render well across all browsers.
  • One of the areas where you should be careful is in the use of images. The emphasis appears to be on big bold images, but bigger images can also slow the loading of your pages. Please contact 888-669-6961 for website design to talk to one of our staff about website design and website development.

Shawn Nejad