If you haven’t got a company website yet, then it is time that you invested in one. Even if you already have a website, you may need to consider a stylish update to help it maintain its appeal to fans. While web design and web development are constantly being pushed to the limit, following these pieces of best practice advice will help you create a website which is perfect for the year ahead.

Search engines now create rankings based partially on the quality of website content, so make sure that your content is original. However, you should take care not to sacrifice your message for SEO-rich content. All of your content should be well-organized, meaning that it is very easy for visitors to find the information that they are looking for. Many internet users have a short attention span, shorter blocks of text are preferable to lengthy tomes of information.
While eye-catching colors can help draw a visitor’s attention, too many conflicting colors can be off-putting for many users. Although clashing colors were in style in the world of fashion, they are not for new websites. Choose simple, classic color combinations for a stylish looking website, or primary colors for a fun and funky website. If you have a company logo, it can be advantageous to build your color scheme around this, as it could help to promote brand recognition. Always ensure that your colors do not render your text unreadable.
Today’s internet users want fast access, multimedia content, but you must make sure that the multimedia which you offer has a clear and distinct purpose. If you have multimedia content on your site, then you should make sure that it is clearly labeled and that it is available infrequently used file types. Consider Mac users as well as PC users.
40% of Americans use a smartphone to access online content, and that number is increasing year on year. Overcomplicated websites will not load on smartphones. If you want to have a website which looks complex on a computer screen, be prepared to build and an alternative site for mobile users, who may want to access your content whilst on the go. Only simple sites are accessible on a smartphone without additional support.
Adding social media buttons to your site will allow your visitors to work for you by letting them share your content on their social media pages. Making it easier for your fans to share your content is a great way to get free publicity.
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