Every beginning is hard, especially if you try to succeed in restaurant marketing. You’ve been promoting yourself for a while, but you feel like something is missing. That missing piece of the puzzle is the internet. The internet is offering us almost endless possibilities so it would be a shame not to use them for your new restaurant.

One really important part of the internet is social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It is free to register on any of these sites (and there are plenty of others), so why wouldn’t you try it?

Rule #1: Think Like Your Customer

If you want to be successful in social media marketing for your restaurant, you must think like your customer. Put yourself in their position and imagine what their needs are, what would they like to see, and what reasons they have to visit your restaurant. Create a post and use a friendly tone (not too formal). Posting pictures of your dishes can also be a good move.

Rule #2: Be On The Facebook

Smart restaurant owners who don’t have a Facebook profile today are rare as dinosaurs. This means that literally, everyone has a profile, and everyone can find out about you if you decide to make a page about your restaurant. But, don’t rush with this – pay attention to details (profile picture, cover image, about section, posts, etc.). Facebook is a very powerful tool, but you have to be careful about everything. Also, pay attention to comments on your posts. If you pay some effort and reply to each of them, your value in the customers’ eyes will increase.

Rule #3: Rule Over The Instagram

Instagram is probably the biggest photo-sharing site. It became very popular in a short time, and it can even be connected to an existing Facebook account. If you want to use Instagram for your restaurant, one rule needs to be followed: use hashtags! Hashtags are all over Instagram and they are so popular they even spread on Facebook too. While using hashtags, try using those related to your niche or campaign, or simply use popular ones. Take pictures of your menu, food, and drinks and post them online. See how people react to it. Do they like it? Do they like it a lot? Are they thrilled about your new dish or they considered it ordinary? These answers can give very valuable information if you learn how to interpret Instagram right for your restaurant.

Rule #4: Tweet Your Way To Success

Of all social media, Twitter is the most successful one when it comes to restaurant marketing. Here it doesn’t matter if your restaurant is large or small. Only 140 characters per post can be interpreted as a limitation or as a chance. When you’re limited to a certain amount of words, your message becomes more effective and the reader won’t be bothered with reading long and tedious posts. In your tweet, you should often include a link to your menu and food photos (plenty of food photos, actually). Try to time your tweets and publish them close to breakfast, lunch, and dinner time. Also, feel free to use hashtags – they are also very popular here.

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