The beginning of a new year is a great time to get your company website or your blog up and running. But you need to remember that being visible is just as important as having the website in the first place.

Getting your website onto the first page of major search engines is vital if you want the levels of public exposure which you deserve. If you want to bump your website up to the top of the search engine rankings, use these search engine optimization tips to help you to achieve that goal.

Over the past few years, search engines have begun to change their opinions on what they value. Search engines like Google now reward websites that have good quality, original material, rather than those which just have a very large amount of content. 

New content will help your website to get a position on search engine bots, so regularly updating your site with fresh, non-plagiarized content will help to get your website noticed.

Although keywords are important, you must make sure that you do not overuse them.

As well as impacting on the quality of your content, the overuse of keywords could harm your search engine ranking. You should try to give your text a keyword density of about 3% for the best results.

Analytics tools, such as the free one which is offered by Google, are a good way to help you to select appropriate keywords for your site. These tools will be able to tell you which keyword phrases result in the highest number of goal conversions. Choosing the right keywords to attract your target audience can be an important step towards optimizing your website.

If you are planning on using any images on your website, make sure that they are optimized too.

Search engine bots cannot “read” images unless you give them a bit of extra help by attaching appropriate tags to them and name the images relevant to the subject of images. 

Because search engine bots can read the tags which are attached to pictures, these tags can help to count towards your search engine ranking.

Leaving your pictures without tags is as good as leaving space on your website in terms of your search engine ranking.

Some aspects of search engine optimization can be very time-consuming, and spending lots of time doing your SEO work could take you away from other tasks that are important for building a business.

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