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Is Reputation Management an Essential or Luxury to a Business?

Having a handful of negative reviews can damage any business or personal reputation. After all, human psychology notices negative reviews more than positive reviews. A bad reputation will work against all the Social media and Search engine marketing activities.  Reputation management becomes an essential part of PR and has the capacity to create an impact on [...]

Tips About Reputation Management

It has never been easier to disseminate information, with the free facilities provided by social media and sharing platforms. With the explosive use of mobile technology and disruptive influence of search technology, information in digital form is easily within reach of the fingertips. Reputation management gives individuals and or organizations the ability to manage what [...]

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Reputation Management Tactics

A reputation management agency is employed by individuals and companies to promote their good points. It also helps to correct any false statements that may be adversely affecting them. People love to read gossip. This is evident by the number of gossip magazines that are for sale beside every check-out counter. When the gossip is [...]

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