Project Description

Project Brief

Orange County Auto Glass Repair Centers (OCAGRC) is a recognized leader in the auto glass industry in Orange County California. OCAGRC has two locations in Orange County.

The Challenge

OCAGRC was looking for a new auto glass and windshield installation website. The old auto glass website had no traffic, and it was a static website only. There was no solid traffic from the old website. The new website was built according to website usability standards and search engine optimization in mind.

The Solution

Search Engine Projects created a turnkey auto glass marketing package that included:

  • Designing a responsive auto glass website
  • Free auto glass quotes for clients
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Pay Per Click advertising
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Auto Glass & Windshield Installation Website and Marketing

Auto Glass Marketing Orange County Auto Glass Directory

Improve Customer Base & Profits With Auto Glass Marketing

Windshield or auto glass is perhaps the least significant element people think of while looking for a new automobile. The choice of design, color, and performance often eliminates this flexible yet highly important design aspect from their itinerary. An owner of an auto glass design and repair company needs to market his products in order to draw a customer’s attention. It is extremely important to look for an online auto glass marketing strategy through an appealing website design.

Website marketing & its necessities –

Today, the world is dominated by smartphones. Be it shopping, money transfer, sourcing information or simply browsing the internet; smartphones form the basis of every activity. A car owner stuck in the middle of a freeway in Orange County will initially look through the internet in search for help. This is where an auto glass repair website will come in handy. It will offer the following benefits in terms of marketing the business.

1. Presenting the service:

If a person is not able to view the types of windshields or auto glass made or repaired until they visit the shop, it will hurt the company’s marketing. But with online services, customers will be able to enlighten themselves on services by tapping a few buttons on their phones or PCs.

2. 24 x 7 accessibility:

When a service is provided, the primary aim is to attract more target customers. It is important to make them know that the service is available 24 hours a day. This can be done with the help of an auto glass website. Local listing this URL on a trusted site can escalate the visibility of the company.
For example, Mr. John is stuck on the road with a broken windshield and will be able to contact an auto glass repair website directly from Google that has the company’s name and contact details. Experts of reliable companies consider needs and build a website according to the necessities.

3. Pocket-friendly auto glass marketing:

Looking for an online website can save many dollars as compared to physical marketing strategies. The days when one would advertise his business or service with placards, pamphlets or through hoardings stuck on road corners are gone. It would require a significant budget in the form of manual labor and transportation charges. Also, the physical advertisement had a low conversion ratio.
Digital auto glass advertising strategies, on the other hand, enables the business to reach a much greater number of people using smartphones. This escalates the conversion ratio significantly as people will be able to look for the service with just a few taps.

4. The convenience of reach:

Which one sounds better – someone driving around the streets looking for a shop or tracking it online from home? Local listing an auto glass service on Google will allow potential customers to locate the store easily. Google points out the store accurately on the map which allows a person to drive right up to the door without wandering around the place. However, they can visit the website and place a direct order from the given options.

5. Proof of credibility:

A recent survey states that positive reviews and feedback garner much more customer base when considering an online business. This is why it is crucial to have a website representing a windshield repair store.
This is an important auto glass marketing strategy that helps customers build a trust base on the service. However, the positive feedback also aids in making the shop popular to the needy. A reliable website designing company will see to these needs and design a user-friendly platform for the company.

Intricacies of website design –

If one decides to go with an auto glass website design for their company, just designing a website will not be sufficient. The websites should be SEO friendly. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is important to place the website on the front page of Google.

This is what is done by well-known website designing companies. They will design the website incorporating the latest SEO factors and causes that are important to increase a website’s visibility. Here are a few things that these companies undertake.

• Use of proper keywords to hit more search results. This will increase the site’s visibility.
• Local listing the service so that more people in and around Orange County get access to the website.
• An intriguing and appealing design for auto glass marketing that will attract more target customers through word of mouth marketing.
• Social media marketing in order to promote the service through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to name a few.
• Blog posting at regular intervals to keep the site active
• Guest posting to acquire backlinks
• Regular updating and maintenance of the website.

Facts to ponder on –

The term search engine optimization may often generate many questions. If a business owner is skeptical about the importance of SEO for a website, then some recent statistics might intrigue them. Every minute more than 700 websites release themselves in the global network and out of them only 8% survive this competition.
Auto glass advertising companies in the last couple of years have been successful in gaining lots of feedback with respect to their genre. Some well-known companies whose expertise is in similar fields have decided to look for such services.

Cautions regarding a damaged auto glass –

It is the owner’s, of an auto glass or windshield repair company, duty to enlighten their customers on the dangers of driving around with a broken glass. A shattered or damaged glass can be fatal especially if it is taken onto the highway.
Under the influence of high speed, pieces of glass can shoot towards its passengers. Any such incident can be fatal and can be the cause of a serious accident. Every year more than 35% of freeway accidents happen due to vehicles driving around with a broken windshield or similar causes. These are undeniable facts that one should definitely look to include in their auto glass website.

Note: The website should have a section solely dedicated to emergency services. This is vital with respect to the increase in the frequency of accidents per year. This will promote the name of the company as a reliable venture to seek for when faced with a difficult situation on the road.

Summing up the facts –

It is, therefore, wise looking for a reliable website design company in order to make a service popular to the world market. One should also check for the licensing as well expertise of a company before looking for the same.
In this respect, Search Engine Projects is an established name for auto glass marketing. They bring together the best of professionals from around the globe in order to provide their superlative service.

Their website design techniques and strategies garner plenty of positive feedback from clients and making them SEO friendly is their main priority.
Do not delay getting the help from an established website design company anymore. Look for a reliable website designing company today and mention the needs and requirements. They will surely return with the best auto glass marketing product in the market.